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Basics of Sociology


Rethinking the ‘common sense’ is among the basics of Sociology. We need to have a closer look at our society and re-consider our assumptions about the social dynamics. And it is among the goals of this course to help you gain the ability to do so.

Among the goals of this course is to help you develop ‘Sociological Imagination’. In other words, I will expect you to understand human lives by taking ‘historically-conditioned social forces’ into account. This will let you depict a sophisticated understanding of the social world and yourself.

To gain the ‘sociological imagination’, it is necessary (but not sufficient) to attend class and complete the readings. The readings will be discusses in class as a group and not having read the material will put you at a significant disadvantage in the classroom.

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of Sociology
The Fundamentals of Sociology 02:30:00
Sociology: Research and method 00:00:00
Basic Political Institutions
Economy and politics 02:30:00
Family and religion 02:30:00
Education and health 02:30:00
Social change and our global future 02:30:00
The fundamental elements of society
Culture and Society 02:30:00
Social interactions, groups and organizations 02:30:00
Deviance: The meaning of difference 02:30:00
Dimensions of social inequality
Social stratification 02:30:00
World stratification and gender 02:30:00
Race, ethnicty and elderly 02:30:00

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