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Sociology of Multiculturalism


    This course will examine the current state of Multiculturalism policies around the world and the problems and issues on this specific subject matter. Two main themes will be analyzed in this course: 1) Multiculturalism in Developed Societies and 2) Multiculturalism in underdeveloped and developing societies. This course will also examine how different theories of citizenship address the challenges raised by multiculturalism.

    Multiculturalism and citizenship will be the main points in this course. However, there will be subjects for discussion including education, recognition, tolerance and respect. They will be given in the framework of multiculturalism and citizenship.

    Course Curriculum

    Week 1
    Monism and Pluralism 02:00:00
    What is culture? 02:00:00
    Week 3
    Multiculturalism and Liberal responses to diversity 02:00:00
    Week 4
    Structure of Multicultural Societies 02:00:00
    Week 5
    Multiculturalism and Equality 02:00:00
    Week 6
    Multiculturalism in Europe 02:00:00
    Week 7
    Critics of Multiculturalism 02:00:00
    Week 8
    Citizenship 02:00:00
    Week 9
    Equal Citizenship or Racial Thinking 02:00:00
    Week 10
    Case Studies: Developing Underdeveloped Nations 02:00:00
    Week 11
    Case Studies: Developed Nations 02:00:00

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